Robotic Paint Systems


Our specialty is FANUC Painting robots for Automotive applications.
We have experience with all the major PLC manufacturers (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi) as well as some of the niche manufactories as well (Omron, Wago, GE Fanuc to name a few)
We are usually contacted when the systems not the standard, cookie cutter applications that everyone has become use to.
One such application we were contracted to do, a major manufacturer required that a GE Fanuc safety plc be used in the system, and they would not accept any alternatives. We took on the challenge of learning the safety aspect of the system as well as writing from scratch a PLC program based on a standard Rockwell system. When it came time to install the system and commission the system, we were able to start trials 2 days earlier than scheduled. This lead to 4 more systems commissioned by us as they continued to upgrade their robots.

While this is where we do the most work and have the most experience, we also have worked on sealer, material handling and welding cells.

Recently we have started working with another manufactory on their HVAC controls and installing PLC controls for the system.